Grants to American Indians in Nebraska

Grants to American Indians in Nebraska (GAIN)

The GAIN Committee would like to extend thanks to Nebraska Church Women United for their continual representation and financial support of GAIN’s ministry with Native Americans in Nebraska.

TIMELINE for Submission:

For consideration at GAIN Committee Meetings: –

We must receive applications by December 31 for the February grant cycle:

We must receive applications by July 31, for the September grant cycle:

Only one grant per grant year will be considered.

Purposes and Specifications for “Validation” IMMEDIATE/EMERGING NEEDS GRANTS

The purpose of VALIDATION is to assure funding sources that all applications submitted to GAIN and other funding sources are valid and appropriate for consideration. To be designated “valid” for funding consideration:

 Preliminary findings must be made by GAIN, that:

  1. The NEED to be addressed by the proposal is real and has been identified by Nebraska Indians themselves:
  2. The ORGANIZATION applying for the funding is responsible and legitimately represents an identifiable group of American Indians in Nebraska.
  3. The proposed Program, Project, Service, or Activity will benefit or serve American In Nebraska in a definable way. 
  4. A judgment must be made by the Grants to American Indians in Nebraska (GAIN) Committee that:
  5. The preliminary staff findings are accurate and fair; and
  6. The proposal holds reasonable promise of success.



To be considered for funding by GAIN, a proposal must contribute directly to the achievement of GAIN Goals. That is, it must provide benefit to American Indians in Nebraska in areas of recognized need including; but not limited to:

– food and nutrition

– health and medical services

– emergency assistance

– alcohol rehabilitation

– programs to modify structures and attitudes which perpetuate the suffering of American Indians in Nebraska (e.g., counseling and referral, employment opportunities, educational services.


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