Test Post

This is a test post from email to imneb.org

Jerry D. Albright

Executive Director

Interchurch Ministries of Nebraska

2012 South 13th Street

Lincoln, NE 68502

O: (402)476-3391

C: (402)209-4040



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4 responses to “Test Post

  1. Julie D. Eckland, LADC

    Got it! Thank you!

  2. Julie D. Eckland, LADC

    I want to refer a client I saw this week for dual diagnosis counseling. I know he would need to call in and request COMHT voucher, but can you advise me if you have any counselors in Gering &/or Scottsbluff (besides myself)? Thanks!

  3. Marcia Estrada does dual through COMHT

  4. Yes, we do. Call me tomorrow. (402)476-3391

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