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Interchurch Ministries of Nebraska is a statewide ecumenical agency that provides planning and program support to cooperating denominations in Nebraska.

IMN was designed for Christian communions in Nebraska, in order that churches might come together for worship, teaching, service, and common witness to the faith. IMN is both ecumenical and evangelical in its vision. As it calls the churches to work together in service to the world, so it also calls the churches to their common mission of proclaiming the good news of God in Jesus Christ.

IMN began its ministries in 1971 as the realization of the churches’ longing to live out the vision of Christ’s prayer “that they may all be one” (John 17:22). The purpose is to be an instrument of the churches, individually and together, as they carry out their programs of ministry and mission.

IMN is actively engaged in the “Life and Work” dimensions of ecumenism. Witness to our unity in Christ is given through a variety of programs. IMN programs involve many more groups than the ten members. As each program begins, many Nebraska denominational groups are invited to join the design committee – as full participants or in observer status. Programs continue as long as there is expressed need and financial resources are available. Some programs require additional part or full-time staff.

“Who Do You Say That I Am?”
Responses by Board of Directors’ Members, October 2008

“IMN is the Body of Christ visible across denominational and theological perspectives.”

“IMN is about developing and administering social programs to assist persons from all denominations (or no church affiliation) who are in need in ways not met by other programs.”

“IMN is a cooperative body of Christian churches throughout Nebraska who work together for better understanding of Christian principles and try to develop ways of cooperating to solve common statewide problems through an interchurch ministry.”

“IMN is a collection of churches and denominations seeking, caring, and advocating.”

“IMN is an organized forum to bring problems and concerns to the forefront where fellow Christians help each other in spirit, support, and solutions.”

“IMN is about denominations working together, pooling resources, and addrssing shared concerns for the building of the Body of Christ in Nebraska.”

“IMN is about Chistian churches working together to help those less fortunate in our society and in learning to love one another.”

“IMN is about answering Jesus’ call to love one another and to care for the earth.”

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im50427@windstream.net (FOR GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT IMN)

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