About IMN

IMN Denominational Partners

  • American Baptist Churches in Nebraska
  • Christian Church (DOC) in Nebraska
  • Church of the Brethren in Nebraska
  • Episcopal Diocese of Nebraska
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in Nebraska
  • The Presbyterian Church, USA
    • Homestead Presbytery
    • Central Presbytery
    • Missouri River Valley Presbytery
  • Great Plains United Methodist Church (Kansas/Nebraska)
  • United Church of Christ in Nebraska


IMN Officers

  • Rev. Duane Westing, President
  • Vice President
  • Rev. Dr. Dan Flanagan, Treasurer


IMN is a statewide ecumenical agency that provides planning and program support to cooperating denominations in Nebraska.

IMN was designed for Christian communions in Nebraska, in order that churches might come together for worship, teaching, service, and common witness to the faith. IMN is both ecumenical and evangelical in its vision. As it calls the churches to work together in service to the world, so it also calls the churches to their common mission of proclaiming the good news of God in Jesus Christ.

IMN began its ministries in 1971 as the realization of the churches’ longing to live out the vision of Christ’s prayer “that they may all be one” (John 17:22). The purpose is to be an instrument of the churches, individually and together, as they carry out their programs of ministry and mission.

IMN is actively engaged in the “Life and Work” dimensions of ecumenism. Witness to our unity in Christ is given through a variety of programs. IMN programs involve many more groups than the ten members. As each program begins, many Nebraska denominational groups are invited to join the design committee – as full participants or in observer status. Programs continue as long as there is expressed need and financial resources are available. Some programs require additional part or full-time staff.

Contact Information:

2012 S. 13th Street

Lincoln, NE 6850(402) 476-3391

Rev. Jerry D. Albright, Executive Director


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  1. Laurel Van Ham

    Hello, Jerry,

    Thanks for sharing Ken’s ticket! It will be used by Tom Pappas who serves with Ken on Westminster’s Green @ Heart team. n sorry you can’t attend the conference, but great that Tom can!

    Laurel Van Ham

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